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Whether your journey is to the local shops, to the doctors surgery, to a relation's house, or to a national destination, you may rely on the professionalism, the reliability and the punctuality of your Elite Taxis driver and vehicle. We have 100's of satisfied customers, who rebook with Elite Taxis Felixstowe & Ipswich time after time, in the full knowledge that they will be looked after by a company that is dedicated to customer care.

Elite Taxis is a breath of fresh air in the Ipswich, Felixstowe & Woodbridge taxi industry and when you book your journey with us, you will see why ...

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Ipswich 01473 620884

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Story 1

A lady books a taxi to pick her up at 10:30 am on Friday and take her to the hospital.
Friday and with the taxi nowhere in sight, the lady rings the taxi firm, to be told that the taxis will be there very shortly. At 11:00 am the taxi arrives and sounds the horn. The lady walks down her pathway with her child and opens the back door of the taxi to let her child in. The lady fastens her child's seatbelt and also gets in the back of the taxi. The taxi driver pulls away, without uttering a word. The lady asks the taxi driver to turn down the radio, which he does with a 'tutting' sound. After just a few miles the lady notices the speed at which she and her child are travelling and politely asks the driver to slow down. The taxi arrives at its destination and the lady gets out of the car and gets her child out. She has to check the price on the meter herself, as the driver still hasn't managed a word of conversation. The lady pays the exact fare and goes on her way. (True story)

Story 2





A lady orders an Elite Taxi to pick her up at 10:30 am on the following Friday and take her to the hospital.
At 10:25 am the Elite Taxi arrives and the Elite Taxi driver gets out of the car, walks up to the house and rings the bell. The Elite Taxi driver greets the lady and escorts her down the path with her child. The Elite Taxi driver opens the back door of the taxi to let the child in and the lady fasten the childs seatbelt. The Elite Taxi driver then opens the other back door and the lady gets in. The driver waits until the lady has fastened her seatbelt and the pulls away. Polite conversation then ensues, during which, the Elite Taxi driver confirms the destination. After obeying all the speed limits, the Elite Taxi arrives at its destination, the Elite driver confirms the fare and the lady pays. The driver then gets out, and opens both doors so that the lady and her child can get out. The Elite driver gives the lady a business card knowing that the number will go straight on to her mobile phone.